Frequently Asked Questions

Why don't you hire out the minibus to the General Public?

Our minibus is such an important asset to the residents of rural parishes in Gloucestershire and it's the only one we have got! Unfortunately we've hired it out to the general public in the past and they haven't looked after it as well as our volunteer drivers do.  This has lead to high repair costs, cancelled trips while its off the road and general inconvenience to the volunteers who give up their time to support the local community. 

There are a number of Commercial Minibus Hire Companies who provide this service.

How do I register my group?

Please register here, you can then use our minibus in accordance with the Operating Procedures.

Why do groups have to register?

To comply with our operating permit, this is a member only facility.  It means we can keep the charges down and offer a service which adheres to the reasons the Village Minibus was established.  Read more on our member pages.

Now I'm a member how can I book?

Please check our availability and then complete a booking form, we'll be in touch to confirm your trip.

I've read the information and love what you do, How can I become involved or donate to the Minibus?

Please use the Contact us form, this gets you through the Tirley Parish Council who own and operate the Village Minibus.

I'm not happy with an element of your service, what do I do?

We're sorry we haven't met your expectations in full, please contact us once you have understood our complaints procedure.

Call us to make a booking: 01452 781055
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